We were there last summer and had to come up with some innovative ways to get to the point where we are current on everything. Your priorities need to be with catching up on the utilities and with the sleep apnea equipment.
My suggestions are to call the credit card companies and see if you can get some reduced payments for a short time.
Call the medical places and tell them you are having some financial hardships and can you spread the payments out more. A lot of the places will give you a discount if you are having troubles paying, but you will have to fill out lots of forms with all your income, expenses and debt.
Call whomever did the sleep test on your husband and let them know that he needs the CPAP but cannot afford it and it will take a long time to get together the money to pay. They may have some ideas. Sleep apnea is very serious if not treated but not a big deal if he has the CPAP. (I have sleep apnea and my insurance paid 100% of the equipment and for all replacement parts as they wear out.)
Is there a possibility of a part time job for one of you? That could help you get on top of the late bills and get the BEF funded and going. It won’t be a permanent thing but after 6 or 7 months, you should be in a lot better shape.