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Well, I think Maurice would say pay the “four walls” first

Food, rent, utilities, transportation. Get those caught up first. Maybe you could sell the cars, get rid of the payments and buy two garage sale cars. I would (and do) require my teenage boys to work and pay their own cell phones, car insurance, gas, clothing, fast food, spending money, etc. Is that why the cell and insurance is going down in July? Will your grocery bill also go down?
So you have stuff you could sell on E-Bay?
Could one or both of you get part-time jobs to increase your income?
Are the driving lessons and the graduation party necessary?
Maybe not much help, just a few thoughts…


We changed our budget constantly in the first three months. Primarily, because we really had no clue what we spent on stuff. All we knew was there was never any money. It was in budgeting and keeping track of expenses, that we came up with a working budget. When you’ve never worked a budget that works, it takes a while to tweak it just right. My husband thought blow money was rediculous and refused to budget it. He was a bear!!!! Two weeks of no coffee with the guys and even he accepted that he needed blow money and was willing to budget it. When feeling disciplined and on fire about financial peace it’s easy to say no to yourself. It’s when life happens, that you see the real picture and are more capable of spending a budget accurately. Tweaking it is so necessary!

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